Squiggles by Lindz

The way you made me feel when you cuddled up to me
The way you made me feel when you played
The way you made me laugh when I was sad
We had good times and bad times
Everyone loved you Squiggles
The way you acted when you played in the grass made my spirit fly
You always made me laugh
and you never made me cry
The day god took you from this place
The tears never stopped streaming down my face
You were out in the yard when the dog came running
I didnt see it coming
You didnt have enough time to run before he got you
When he got you my heart ran up my throat
I couldnt believe what I was seeing
I ran to the dog and shooed him away
There I saw you lying in the grass breathing heavy
Then one last breath and you were gone
Up to Rainbow Bridge you have gone
But here your spirit will carry on.



20, Aug 1999