Stacey by Craig & Jennifer / Mommy & Daddy

Our baby left us on November 11, 2005. I only had her 5 years of that 16, but they were wonderful years. I “adopted” Stacey when my husband & I got married. She was the sweetest little thing, all red & fat & short-legged with some gray around her face. She used to chase the squirrels in our yard and go after the big, fat bumblebees in our azalea bushes out front. I was afraid she’d get stung, but she never did.

My husband got her when she was 6 weeks old and according to him, she was his shadow. They lived in the SW and when he went jogging she tried to follow. He’d have to go back & get her & take her home. Those little,short legs just couldn’t keep up with Daddy.

This past year was hard on her. She started having seizures and was treated for that, we had to have her teeth pulled in 2003, and when we returned from vacation this summer, she had lost weight and had quit walking. We got her weight back up, but she never walked again. She was alert & loud. She would let you know when she wanted something. I took care of her no different than if I had a baby, because that’s what she was to me…MY BABY! Last Thursday night, she started breathing funny and I told Craig that she needed to see the vet the next day if she wasn’t any better. Well, unfortunately, she wasn’t and we both knew what a trip to vet meant. I know we had to let her go, I didn’t want her to suffer and the vet said he couldn’t do anything for her, so we said our goodbyes and let her slip away. My husband said it feels like he murdered her, but logically he knows we did the right thing. As badly as we miss her, we didn’t want her suffering. I remember a saying..If you love something, let it go. We put her in the yard that she loved so much. I feel that she is out there playing with the bees and squirrels, just having a good old time!

We will always Love & remember our “little honey”. She was a big part of our lives and will be in our hearts forever.


We Love you, Stacey Lynn.
Craig & Jennifer