Starlight by Breanna Carlson / Breanna

My poor young Starlight she was such a sweet filly. It all started when she got weaned; she didn’t do well when that happened; in time she began to become skinny. I thought it was because of being weaned turns out I was wrong; no one knows what happened or why she died but she had been so skinny and sad it was cold out so I moved her to our barn hoping that she would recover from her sickness, but she didn’t. I had told my dad to take her to a vet but he never did so she began to grow weaker and more skinny.

I had wormed her but it didn’t help; every day I would go out to her and yet she still would always nicker to me every day for she was all I had left of my poor young Coco. She was such a sweet heart until something happened. Something I never wanted to happen the End of Starlight.

I had gone out to her in surprise. She was lying there weaker than any horse could ever be; she had still nickered to me sadly I may not be able to understand horses, but I knew she was trying to tell me to help her and that she was in pain. It hurts me when you go and tell your father and he goes behind your back and tells your siblings that he highly doubts that she is dying and to his surprise she is just lying there asking for help. It’s sad how she was just screaming at me for help; it’s just like when a baby is screaming for help because they are in pain, but unlike humans they get help and animals do not. I know some people do but some are just horrible to their animals and for one thing someday some how I will end horse slaughter because it is wrong!!!!!!!!!!

All I am glad is that I will see her some day when I die to. I am just glad she died on her own and didn’t have to be humanly euthanized. Poor Starlight, you were only six months old and didn’t even get to live your life. I will miss you very deeply. I love you forever and always your best friend, Breanna.


Forever and Allways,
Breanna Carlson