String Bean by Ronnie & Elena Lowery / mommy


Now we lay her in the ground, she lies there sleeping not making a sound. She goes through the tunnel until she reaches the light, then she wakes up scared & frighten because she realizes she’s lost her fight. She misses dad, mommy & Sissy too and then;-wait a minute, “I feel pretty good & my body’s brand new”! She (runs) through the clouds making all kinds of fuss, she stops to look down and hopes to see us. She (barks) real loud so that we can hear, then she watches us to see if we’ve dried up that last tear. She whispers so softly like a breath of fresh air, your String Bean will be waiting at the pearly gates when you get here… WE LOVE YOU OUR PRECIOUS BABY GIRL FOREVER, mommy, daddy & Sissy Girl.


String Bean
13, Dec 2002
Ronnie & Elena Lowery