stuart by Emily / mommy

This is going to be tough but I can do it. I can remember the day I got him I was going to the pet store to just look at the animals. Well I saw this mouse and I just fell straight in love with her I know it’s funny how you can fall in love with someone so small.

Well then I took him home I had to get another mouse so she couldn’t be alone I got a all black mouse so Stuart wouldn’t be alone. Well I named him Nibbles; he was so mean. He bit me so many times and he hurt Stuart badly. He had little bits of his ear gone so I had to put stuart in the nice big cage and Nibbles in a box and so I went to the pet store to get more mice after the attack and then I got Whiskers and Angel and they all got along except Nibbles.

Nibbles died a month later of wet tail so it was just Angel, Whiskers, and Stuart and not soon after that Whiskers died. And then a month later Angel got sick and died and it made Stuart sick but I nursed him back to health and then 3 months later we went to South Carolina for Christmas and we stayed for a week and then back at home stuart water bottle broke and he didn’t have water for a week and when I came back he was so skinny and so we put a bowl of water next to him and he drank and he was back to normal and then a year later I was coming home from school and my dad told me that Stuart died.

I was so devastated a didn’t even say goodbye to him but I know he was having a better life up in heaven. He didn’t die of a sickness; he died of old age he was 2 years old. I love you and miss you so.


You were the greatest companian.

I love you and miss you.