Stubbs by The Sopoci Family / Sami

Words can’t explain it,
Actions could never reveal,
No one can define,
The way I feel.
Sometimes I imagine,
That you are still here,
I turn around to see you,
But you’ve disappeared.
There are times I think,
Did I do everything that I could?
Maybe there was another way,
Was this decision good?
It tears me up inside,
That I did something like this,
No more “Get the kitty!”,
And no more “Gimme Kiss!”,
No more barking at the buzzer,
Or hiding whenever it would rain,
No more freaking out at fireworks,
But most of all, no more pain.
Though I miss you dearly,
My decision I guess I don’t regret,
It seemed the lesser of two evils,
When you were diagnosed by the vet.
But please keep in mind,
This is not something I would do,
Unless I was completely sure,
It was the best thing for you.
So until we meet again,
In that big backyard in the sky,
Remember that I love you,
And that will never die.


Thanks for always being there for me.
You will truly be missed.
Love Always,

20, Jan 2004
The Sopoci Family