Stumpy by Scott Wilbourn & Nicci Mitchell / YOUR FATHER AND FRIEND

You were my angel. You are what brought me and my girl friend together; you are what I loved so kind always gentle ..and for this I know you chose me and Nicci as your Mother & Father and I know inside your little heart you always blessed me and now you are in the heavens watching over me and for now my son I love you and soon your mother will cry for you and I will hold her because I know you blessed us to be together and I know you would want us to move on with a life, a dream and my son I bless you to the heavens and I will miss you till the ends of time so my son I lay you to rest with thoughts of happyness and now that I’m without you. I live in pain and I want except your death but I hold your memories with deep sorrows and despair so for now my son I lay you to rest. Bye, my friend, my son, my brother in my heart. I know you will carry on with your golden wings of love. Bye my friend.


4, Mar 2005
Scott Wilbourn & Nicci Mitchell