Sugar by Kathy


I went to sleep with my angel
My Mommy and Daddy gave to me.
They gave you one too Grandma
So you can always remember me.

My angel is there to comfort me
When times are dark and dim.
I look at her and snuggle with her
And then I start to grin.

My angel’s arms are temporary
Until Mommy and Daddy can be with me.
One day we’ll be together as
The way it was meant to be.

For now I have to leave you
Because God wanted me to come home.
I’ve reserved a place in heaven.
I’m making all of us a happy home.

When you see my angel think of happy things.
My Mommy and Daddy gave you the angel
So you could have something from me.

This was a poem I wrote for my baby the day we had to put him to sleep. It’s hard letting go but you realize there is a time when it’s necessary to end the pain and suffering. He suffered seizures all of his life. He was 18 years old and suffered a stroke requiring his being put to sleep. My baby’s pain is gone but my pain will linger in my heart forever.



22, Dec 2000