Sugar by Lisa / Your Mom

The day I went to get “Sugar” or should I say to pick out a puppy, she was the first one to come up to me. I knew she was the one, she looked me in the eye as to say please take me home. She was the smallest in the litter and the prettiest. We bonded right away and she was so easy to house break. When my Dad became ill, I had to go home for about a month, my daughter, Sugar, took the long ride home, to be with him for his last days. He didn’t want to get out of bed, but when he found out that we had brought the puppy to see him, he was out of that bed and holding her and talking to her.

That was the last time my Dad got out of bed. When I went thru my divorce, she was right there kissing all the tears away and stuck to me like glue. She was my not only my pet you see, she was my best friend and I’ll always love her and never, never forget her as long as I live.


Love Always,