Sugar by Sheri Nicol / Mommy & Daddy

In Memory of Sugar

Remember me as I was…

Young, playful, full of energy,
jumping, pouncing, loving, purring.
Eager to please, demanding at times,
rolling in catnip, basking in sunshine.
Chasing toys all through the house,
a jingle ball, a furry mouse.
Whatever lap was near at night,
I’d jump up on and curl up tight.

In spite of all the perfect care,
I’ve only days left to share.
The passage of time you see in years,
to me is all that I hold dear.
Days spent with love,
nights held secure,
is all that I could dare hope for.

When my time comes,
please shed no tears.
Keep me in your heart
and I’ll always be near.


'til we see each other again...
Sep 2005
Sheri Nicol