Sundae by Karen

We all know that our pets are truly special if to no one else but ourselves but this precious animal was a diamond among jewels! She was the kindest gentlest spirit with no concern in her heart but to love and be loved. I believe that her love for me kept her alive beyond any reasonable limits…she took her aging and failing body in stride with such pride and elegance. I shall never know a love like that again not in the animal world or the human. I mourn her loss deeply and when I close my eyes at night I can still feel the curve of her graceful intelligent brow under the palm of my hand.

This poem is only an inkling of our wonderful friendship and all that we endured together throughout her life and my youth. Thank-you for letting me share this with those of you who have also lost your beloved “life’s pet”.

You came into my life on a
careless Sunday in May
I was young and foolish of
times stealing way.

I didnÆt know then that a
gangle of snowy fluff
would teach me how to love so much.

Now 16 years have passed
in a blur of living day by day
days of chaos that often left
you sitting by the way.

Yet not once did you waver
in your affection
you deemed me worthy of
your singular attention.

How beautiful your eyes shone
when I walked through any door
had you a voice
it couldn’t have spoken love more.

You were my child my teacher
my playmate my friend
my companion my solace
towards the very end.

Many things you have been
since the day that we met
but you never not once
were merely a pet!

I wish you vigor and joy soft couches
and fences to jump where
ever you have gone
and pray only that
I will hold you again
when my life here is done.

Good~bye my “Baby Dog”



5, June 2001