Sunny by Lynn & Scott / Momma

When The Angels Came

I felt the angels touch as I lay there half asleep. A gentle touch that soothed my soul, I knew it was his time to go. I saw a golden light appear as the angel wrapped her arms around my baby sun. He turned and smiled,
licked my face one last time.

My eyes were filled with sadness, and hope that he would see La that day. It seemed like eternity, then finally my heart was filled with peace for which I’d yearned for so long.

My baby sunny was my son, my boy, my life. Sunny’s father loved him and cared for him, proudly until that angel came and told him he couldn’t prolong his stay.

I dreamed of him last night at Rainbow Ridge, with La, Squirrelly, Sweet Pea, Sunny was a smart dog and is now running the show, he is running and playing and is once more the top dog this I know…..Sunny I had to let you go, my heart is breaking when I speak of you, sun it’s your momma who love you so……..


25, Nov 2003
Lynn & Scott