Sunshine by Gina & Ron Hayek / Mumma

Looking for Sunshine

She’s not upon the loveseat, or couch, or in a chair.
I am looking for Sunshine… can’t find her anywhere.

She’s not on the picnic table, or under the TV.
I’m still looking for Sunshine…
don’t know where she could be.

I’ve checked the kitchen table, from where she’d glare at me.
I wish I could find Sunshine, or that she would find me.

I’ve checked the many places, in which she’d always be.
Her spots, they all are empty, & it’s so sad to see.

Suddenly it dawns on me, so painful to perceive,
Sunshine died on Sunday, my heart is left to grieve.


Til we meet again...
24, July 2005
Gina & Ron Hayek