Suzie by Lyn / Your Mama

As a poet and a writer, there have been times in my life when I have felt the need to write -times of love, times of emotion, times of dedication- — no time has been more so than now….
I leave this as a sort of final dedication to a wonderful friend, a beautiful lady, and a treasured companion, who will always be cherished.

Suzie, this one’s for you….


You were always such a “good” girl
You never caused much trouble
All that was ever given you,
you gave right back, in double
You’d sit in your chair, your head held high
such a Lady, and a Queen,
A more beautiful cat in all the world
I’d swear I’ve never seen
We’ve both been through so much together,
always just “us two”
I can’t imagine days ahead,
alone now, without you
you were so dignified,
so Regal, full of pride..
Please forgive my weakness now,
and all these tears I’ve cried.
Even though the time has come
and I now must set you free?
Know you’re always close, my pet,
inside my Heart, with Me.

“Mama will love you and miss you always, my girl”

-Dedicated to Suzie, someone very precious that I shall never forget.


Always in my heart,
29, Jan 2009