Sadie by Roxanne and Mark Metcalf / Mommy and Daddy

The angels looked upon you and they loved you so.
We believe that is why you had to go.
And you’ll have a new home in those heavenly lands.
And the angels will caress you with their gentle hands.
When we look up to the far away sky.
When we are thinking of you trying not to cry.
When we reach for you and you’re not there.
Or when we miss the feel of your velvet hair.
When we dream at night that we hear your bark,
But awake alone in the cold and dark.
When we choke up and our feelings we are trying to hide.
When we miss you so much that we hurt inside.
Then we remember that the angels took you from me.
And held lovingly in their arms is where you’ll be.
We will remember you’re happy and feeling no pain.
And you’re awaiting the moment you’ll see us again.
We will try to be happy, stop feeling so blue.
For we know you’re safe because the angels love you and Kiyah is waiting for you.

We sit here with tears in our eyes and our heart breaking into pieces as this is so hard for us. Visit us in our dreams any time you want because we will be waiting to see you in them. You may not be physically by our sides, but you’ll be forever in our hearts.

We love you Baby Girl and are going to miss you tremendously. We are just so sorry, my little Sadie. We loved you before, we love you now, and we will love you always.


Bye Bye Baby Girl,
30, Oct 2014
Roxanne and Mark Metcalf