Suzy by Meredith & Joe / Mom, Dad and Nikki

Suzy is the little sister of Nikki, the two were inseparable. Suzy was an angel that was given to us for 11 years, she brought so much love and joy into our lives. Suzy was the little dog that loved attention and need to be close to you. She love to cuddle up on the couch and slept beside our bed at night. She was cute and funny, a very determined little dog. Suzy had seizures but was corrected with medication. We gave her the care and love she needed, and she gave it right back.

Suzy took ill suddenly in early Dec. 2002. Her little body was giving out, she was in pain and suffered trying to breath, it hurt to watch her suffer. We had to take that unforgiving decision to let her go to the Rainbow Bridge, that day lingers in our hearts today as if it were yesterday. We miss her and I know her sister does too. She will be forever in our hearts and feel our lives were blessed for having her
for the 11 years she was with us.

God Bless her and
all the other pets that have gone
to the Rainbow Bridge.


We love you Suzy,
Meredith & Joe