Sweetie by Cheryl Kaplan / Cheryl and Daniel

Sweetie, Sweetcakes

We met when you were a small baby kitten in a shop. All I saw was a ball of fluff and all I heard were mews. You were small and petite and fit in the palm of my hand. You loved to have your back fur petted. You would sit for hours on anyone’s lap being petted.

When I brought you home, I remember thinking that this cat is such a sweetie. That became your name, short for sweetcakes. Your personality was of sweetness, dripping with sugary goodness.

It wasn’t long after you came into our life, that you got sick and almost unconscious. We had to rush you to the vet. The vet basically said that I had to talk to you and keep you conscious until they got your blood sugar up or else you would go into a coma. So I sat by the cage, on a chair, talking, petting you through the wires of the cage. I remember pleading with you to stay alive, so I could show you a good life. I was there for 4 hours before they said you were stable and that I could go. That day I had the sense you listened to my every word and understood. You wanted a good life and you wanted me to show it to you.

We were through lots together, changes in homes, changes in pets, and lots of changes. You were there when I cried and would always come over to me and are my strength. You were there when I was desperate and I would look at you and say I couldn’t break my promise to you. You helped me move on. You helped me fight and you helped me have hope
that I could do it.

You were the essence of my strength, my comfort in tough times; you helped me see the reason to live because you had prevailed. Never have I been visited with such grace, and kindness and sensitivity as I have been privileged to receive from you. You never let me quit. In your quiet ways, you gave me courage to press on, to hope for something different, to prevail when all got tough, in the worst of times.

There was not a place that I could go, that you would not be there, a presence, warm and full of life. Now I have to say good-bye. Perhaps your courage, and fortitude and hope will live inside of me, pressing me forward in my road of survival. That is my hope. Your wise eyes conveys all, your steadfastness when I was at wits end was always there. You entered this world with sickness and now you have to leave the world in sickness. But this is one time, you will not prevail nor can I do anything to prevent the inevitable. Know that you were loved, that you were valued, and that my heart and mind was open to your loving ways and will always be. You will always be there for me in my heart, your body may rest, but your soul is with me forever.


With love and devotion
20, October 2005
Cheryl Kaplan