Sam by Christina / Christina

You were my heart and soul for 5 years. Our meeting was just meant to be. Who would have thought that moving into my first home would allow us to cross paths? I remember first seeing you at the neighbor’s house. You were small, weak, and the runt of the litter. I knew that if you didn’t have special attention, you would not make it. So, I took you in and made you my inside kitty. We became best friends. The one thing that loved me unconditionally!

I will miss you “kneading bread”, winking at me with your big eyes, cuddling up with me, begging for food, playing with your play balls, and just being by my side.

My parents miss you as well! When I had to give you up when I moved into our log home, they took you in. You became their prized angel and their adopted “son.”

You will forever be missed! We knew that your life on earth would be limited due to your diaphragmatic hernia. But, we had you for 5 wonderful years that we will treasure forever.


Love Always,
13, Oct 2005