March 21 1995 —- March 20 2000


I got Sweety on my 5 th birthday my father bought it for me.

And it shared the same birthday as me.

I have a stepmother who dislikes my dog as she said

that it is dirty and smelly.

And she always says that she would hurt Sweety some day.

I was always afraid when I’m not around she would not give any

food to Sweety and it starved and starved till I came back.

One day I could not find Sweety when I came home from school

I was very sad and I went to search……luckly I found Sweety.

My stepmother Lynn was extremely angry I know it was her

who chased Sweety away.

Then lately I have a maid Sophia who also dislikes my dog

she even wants to hurt my dog. But I thought I will still

be lucky again, but I was wrong.

When I was out with my friends I forgot to bring Sweety.

So when I came back,..I really cannot find Sweety.

I was really sad…then I heard the news it said a dog had

died just near my house. I quickly ran to see tears rolled

down my cheeks when I saw my lovely dog Sweety died in

an car accident just before our Birthday then

my neighbors told me that he saw Lynn and Sophia

chasing Sweety.

And Sweety was trying to escape and

did not notice a car coming.

I was sad……