SYDNEY by Dan and Steve / Dan and Steve

Our beloved precious little “Super Sonic Sydney”
departed this life
this morning November 02, 2006 at 09:50 AM.
Her death was sudden and unexpected.

Sydney was so full of life and energy but Diabetes took that away from her. Sydney was diagnosed a Diabetic about a month ago. Her reading was extremely high at 796, it was no wonder she didn’t die then, but then she is an Australian Terrier and Terriers are very hardy. She was placed on insulin twice a day and once under control she was her old self again running, barking and playing. She only had three good days of that and went down hill from there. Her reading jumped so high it was off the meter again over 800. Last Saturday Oct. 28th,back at the Vet, he worked to get it under control again and by Monday the reading was 96 and normal. But it didn’t matter because the disease had taken a toll on ole Sydney. As the days passed she had stopped eating, drinking (so I fed her by tube), she could no longer stand, sit, walk or go to the bathroom. I tried so hard to get her to eat on her own, but nothing smelled good to her even though she clearly wanted to eat. I bought special foods and pureed them in the blender so all she had to, was just swallow,
but she even fought that.

Sydney came to us from Arizona. She was born May 7, 1993. She came to me by way as a third owner. She was living with friends in Conn. that had kids she loved but they out grew her and I rescued her and brought her home where she belonged. I was always saddened that I only experienced her love the last four years of her life, she was such a gentle sweetheart, and I wish I had known her when she was a puppy.
She was a character. She was our jumping bean always jumping (and high too) begging for treats. She had teeth that were frightening, but she so gingerly, and precious would take a treat from my fingers without nipping. She loved to play tug on a rope, loved to play with empty plastic bottles and would chase the light beam of a flashlight on the floor; she was so funny and cute.

She was always an explorer, being an Aussie; she was bred to root out the rats and rabbits and on walks she would stick her head in holes to look. Her appetite was never satisfied. Sydney would eat until she couldn’t and eat some more and then root around in the yard looking for things and if she disappeared, you could always find her at the neighbors rooting in their yards as well. And on walks, I always had to watch her, she was like a goat that would eat anything. Sydney had a nose that could sniff out the smallest morsel.
She became my little Piggy.

Sydney loved her walks and car rides. She loved to chase after other dogs no matter what their size. When she learned that she could bark, oh boy! There was no peace in the house after that. She barked at the trains that pass behind the house, she could tell the difference between people and animals on TV.

Sydney, my love, I just had this feeling about you, I was so in love with your beautiful personality, so loving, precious, gentle and loyal. After Shirley died back in March 2006, you became my little shadow always following me around or looking until you found me and then lying down at my feet. We used to sit in the grass, on the porch or right on the driveway and look at the stars together, remember the fireworks last July? I held you up to see out the window. We used to lie on the floor together and look out the patio window while you barked at what seemed like nothing.

My grief at losing you Sydney is just unimaginable; I hurt so very very much. I wish I could have you back again right now, I want to play with you, hear your bark and watch you run.

The night before you died Sydney, I held you in my arms as we sat in the chair and I talked to you all night long and again the next morning. You slept in my bed next to me one last time, but it was a restless night and I found you sitting up at 2am looking at me. I told you countless times how very much that I loved you, how precious you were to me, how much joy and happiness you had brought to my life and how very lucky I was to have you to myself these past four years.

I kissed and hugged you all the time. You were so adorable and precious to me, my grief at your loss is unbearable but you suffer no more. I told you that Shirley was waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge, to go find her and for you two to stay together and look after each other until I can get there. I miss you so very much Sydney. I love you, I love you, I love you so much! my heart is so broken without you. I told you that you will be with me forever and ever and to never forget no matter what life brings, I will come find you and we will be together again.

Sweet dreams of peace my darling Sydney, my beloved Syd the Squid, my little piggy. Thank you for the JOY and the ever lasting LOVE you brought to my life.

I miss you so very much already, I LOVE YOU SYDNEY!!!!


Forever Yours SYDNEY, with ALL OUR LOVE!
Dan and Steve