Talia by Felice & Peter / Felice and Peter xxooo

We adopted Talia from the cat shelter on our first wedding anniversary on 6/4/2007. She was the most beautiful kitty, and we fell in love with her as she woke up to us petting her. She was 6 months old. She was an outdoor kitty before we got her, and she loved being outside. She would come in whenever we called her and spent every night at home with us, sleeping between us in our bed. We took many pictures of her and shared so many memories. It is hard coming home and not seeing that beautiful little face. She gave us so much love. Talia died instantly after getting hit by a car on September 8, 2008. We are heart broken. We took her that night to get cremated and we are awaiting her ashes. The pain comes in waves and when we least expect it. We’ll always love you, our girly girl, and thank you for the best 15 months of our lives….hope to see you again some day. You’ll always be our “first born.”


With Love,
Felice & Peter