TarBaby by Chris

Back in the summer of 1998, I noticed that my Sago Palm had given birth to several Sago Palm pups. That’s a very expensive plant down here and I figured maybe I could grow my own! So I carefully dug them out around their mom and planted them in gallon size black pots to take root.

I took the black pots to our backyard and circled them around a tree. Did not want them to get to much sun since they were newborns. It looked so nice.

Tarbaby loved to go outside in the backyard, it is fenced in and he felt safe. Sometimes he would walk the length of the fence and smell all the flowers and grass and sometimes he would just sit out there and look. He could do that for hours.

Well, one day I let him outside and went on with my chores in the house. I looked at the clock and noticed that it was time for his dinner. So I opened the back porch door and hollered for him. I could not see him and he didn’t come to my call. I walked outside and looked right at the tree with the black pots around it and there he sat! He blended right in with the pots, bless his heart, bet you he thought he had me fooled! I ran into the house to get the camera so I could take a picture of this for a keepsake & I am so glad that I did.

He is gone now but I finally planted those pups and they are in memory of him********
You will live in our hearts forever********