Tashie by Mommy, Daddy, Unkle Way & Aunt Jo

I have a song of her……

It whispers with the coming of Spring and the fall of each turning leaf. Pal, you could bring the light to every room you entered, as bright as thesun. You are the sun, now. Your indomitable spirit filled me with constant happiness.You are all that is the spirit and happiness of this world now. Your tenderness and softness was like a child. I see you now in all that is young and innocent.

When you entered my world I could not find the words that expressed my joy. Now that you are gone, I find the same loss of words for my sadness. If you could only know what you meant to me, all those years you would surely laugh at me now through my endless tears. And every time I was heavy at hand could you forgive that part of my love, now? I hope so. You asked for little, you cared not for my endless failings.

When I was with you I was King, Count, and omnipotent. Without you now, am I even one of those? I suppose. I suppose you would overlook the weakness, my sometimes indifference to you. I just wanted you to know now that I was always there as you, too were always there. As your sight dimmed, as your hearing failed you, I tried to fail you not. Forgive me my friend, life is long. Your life was most certainly not long enough. You always had to be the center of attention, the center of my life. You did it again, with your passing. I have a song of her……but I wonder……does she………..have a song……of me? I love you I miss you I must remember to tell you all of this again……someday.

Love Daddy

Always In our Hearts….

Unkle Way & Aunt Jo


Mommy, Daddy, Unkle Way & Aunt Jo