Tasslehoff Burrfooot by Teresa / Mama

Tasslehoff Burrfoot was so much like the character in the Dragon Lance series that he was named after. He was mischievious, daring, and funny. Ultimately, my neglect and his mischievious ways led to his death.

Tas was always into something. We used to call him the investigator as there was no stone unturned in his quest for adventure. He got into everything throughout his life, not just kittenhood. He stashed catnip under rugs, tore apart drawers and cupboards scooping things out and taking them to other rooms. We have pictures of him going through luggage (see picture http://4higgins.com/tas.html )

He woke me at 4:00 AM every moring with clips across my chin and by putting his whiskers across my mouth for “smooches”.

Tas, you were our friend, our aggressor, our little King Burrfoot. Even when we were annoyed with you, you somehow made us laugh.

The house is so quiet without you here.

Baby I am so sorry. Mama was just so tired. I didn’t realize the Motrin was out. I didn’t realize you weren’t feeling well. It all happened so fast. Baby I am so sorry.
I miss you so much. Please forgive mama.
I love you Tas.


Hugs and Smooches until we meet again.
Tasslehoff Burrfooot