Taylor by Sharon



" Taylor "

April 1986 ----- Jan. 28 2000

Golden Retriever

Spirit Soar

January 28 1999


The time has come for you to free yourself

from the encapsulate place that we see as you...

your being has brought me joy,

made me feel loved

and will so deeply be missed.

I cry

from the depths of my soul

knowing that you will be at my side no longer

yet I know that it is time to let you go.

What you gave to me...

in our time together

will live on

and I will be touched by the memories,

that will frequent my thoughts.

I love you

as a friend

a companion

and a soul mate.

Take my warmth with you

as you begin your new journey.

As your energy floats through the sky

and glistens in the stars

I will look for you

and pretend that the light I see

beckoning in the black of night,

is you

winking and smiling

telling me that you are in a better place

and that you are well.


you see me

as you go,

know that my tears are for my loss

and for what we will no longer have.

I know that

you will fly freely among the loved.

Your eyes seem sad,

so weary

and so far

making me aware

that I have been keeping you here beside me

to buy precious time,

and to come to terms

with all of the emotions that stab at my heart .

I will keep you here in my soul.

I will treasure the faithfulness.

I will think of you


You are special

You are unique.

You are loved.

You need to go now to be comfortable and to be safe



Good Bye my pet...be at peace.


Written for my 14 year old Golden Retriever:


By : Sharon Ann Mellinger  


Put to rest January 29 2000

I miss you Tay!