TD (the dog) strayed into the office complex where I worked

nearly nine years ago. He was a Golden Retriever/Spaniel(?) mix.

So sweet and such a joy. Everyone loved him.

My husband had always said Goldens were his favorite dog so after

about a week of seeing this beautiful animal just hanging around,

and advertising in the local newspaper for his owner to reclaim him

I brought him home.

My husband passed away 11/15 / 97 so I just had TD and he was

such a comfort to me. When we first took him to the Vet the

day after I brought him home the Vet said he thought he was

about 4 years old. I knew the time would come when I would

have to put him to sleep or that he would just pass away

and I dreaded that day so much!

It happened 4 / 30 / 99 and I was with him holding him,

loving him crying. I had purchased a motor home so he and

I could go travelling and he was able to enjoy several outings….

sitting up in the passenger’s seat watching everything go by.

I had him cremated and will take him and put him with “Dad”

and someday the three of us will be together again.