Today has been a tough day for me. I thought of you so much.

I was in the house cleaning and Sally Anne your new baby sister

behaves so much like you. I know she is no relation to you but none the less

it seems you are there guiding her. She eats her biscuits like you used to

and she looks at me like you use to. I was afraid to tell you about

her because I didn’t want you to think that I didn’t love you anymore.

Everywhere I turn around I see you in her.

What prompted me to write this letter to you was that Steve made a

“Memory Chest” for you and I. It is so beautiful. It has all your toys

and shirts in it. Pictures and well memories we have shared together.

I picked up your collar and I could feel you with me. I know it sounds silly

even pathetic in a way. It just seems like yesterday I lost you.

The most ironic thing about this day is I just realized that Sally Anne’s

birthday is the same day that you left me. I can’t stop crying now.

I feel closer to you now than I have in the past five months.

Oh Wolfgang how I wish you were still here with me guiding me as you did.

Having Sally Anne here was a big step for me. I wasn’t ready to replace you,

but I had to do something. I needed some little part of you. Another pom.

You know that there is no way she could fill your paws so she will have to

develop her own.

Kodi your brother (the Great Dane) misses you a lot.

I see it in the way he acts. Steve got Rainbow your new little brother

(a Pomeranian) for Kodi he needed someone after you left he was so

depressed and confused. One minute you were there the next minute,

he saw you wrapped up in a blanket with your soul gone.

Hercules and Sam (the cats) miss you too. Sam especially.

You were so loved here and you are so loved now. I don’t particularly

like the idea of you waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

I will just pray that St. Francis made a special spot for you on the couch

and that he takes you places like we used to. So Wolfgang I now know

why you left me that day because you knew that you had to,

Sally Anne was on the way. If I could change things I would.

I never wanted you to leave me. I never wanted my life to turn out like it has.

I always expected something better for the two of us.

To have a better life together. I am so glad that you had so many

people love you. I know Steve loved you there are tear stains on the

Memory Chest he made you. He revealed to me that he stayed up

many nights crying as he made that box for us. I have been struggling with

hindsight and myself. I should have been able to do something for you.

I am an EMT for crying out loud. Maybe I could have started an IV

or done chest compression’s or even intubated you.

Maybe just maybe I could have brought you back. Something,

I don’t know what prevented me from doing it. Was it God?

Was he telling me to let you go? Was I being selfish?

All I know was that I couldn’t let you go and put you in that grave.

I must have held you for at least an hour.

I was looking in your beautiful brown eyes but I couldn’t find you.

Jennifer cried when I told her that you died. So did Parker.

The list of names of your friends is endless. You were so special to everyone.

So I will try to go on and take it one day at a time.

I will be expecting you to show Sally Anne the ropes.





I thought of you a million times today,

Thoughts of you won’t stay away;

I think of you the way you used to be,

And wonder if you ever think of me.

I know you’re now safer than when you were here,

But that doesn’t make it easier to keep your memory near;

And someday I’ll kiss your head again,

But for now I’ll concentrate on letting good thoughts in.

I miss you more than you could know,

And wish you hadn’t had to go;

‘Cause you were what gave me my special radiance,

Without a word you were my best friend.

By Renee Wood

Dear Wolfgang,

I was going through some stuff and developed some long forgotten

rolls of film. When I received them and looked at them I found you once again.

As if checking up on me. I don’t recall taking the photo but there you were.

Everyday I find something that brings me back to you. It still seems so

unreal that you are gone. I continually hope that the little creature we

buried that December night was a fox but too many people confirmed

that it was you.

To me you weren’t there sure it may have been your shell but

you had already left for bigger and better things.

So my little buddy you knew me better than anyone.

You know I couldn’t resist a cute face not as cute as yours of course.

As you could have guessed we got another pom but it

isn’t the same. He has alot to learn about being a pom.

We named him “Rainbow” after Rainbow Bridge.

It just seemed appropriate.

I love you more than ever.

You just don’t love anything enough until it is gone.

He is the little brother you never had.

Please look out for him until his day comes to

make his journey to the Bridge.

I miss you.



P.S. He answers to “Bow”. Here is his picture.