Ted by Judy Sessions / Your Momma

Ted has been my companion for 15 years. He was always wary of the world, but gave his love fully to those who earned his trust. Ted never knew that he was just a “mutt”. His markings identified him as a Seal Point Himalayan. Ted was with me through the raising of a teenager, a divorce, and a move cross country in a 2-seater car.

More than anything Ted gave me his love every day of his life. I’d get home from work and Ted would be waiting. He would try to anticipate my every move and be there waiting for me when I arrived. There hasn’t been a night in 15 years that he hasn’t curled up next to me to sleep.

Ted would press his body tightly against mine, stretching the full length of himself to maximize contact. There will never be another animal or person who will love me as much as Ted did.

Friday morning we took Ted to the vet, because he just didn’t seem to be feeling well. We were waiting for test results when he took a turn for the worse on Saturday. Another trip to the emergency clinic on Saturday and another round of tests were just too much stress
for his weakened condition.

Early this morning, Ted passed from this world. I’m filled with sorrow and emptiness and feel the need to share with others just how special my Ted was.


Wait for me at the bridge, Ted
Judy Sessions