Teddy {Teddy Bear} by Rick and Margarita Perry / Mom and Dad

A very sad thing happened to Margo and I on December 6th, 2005, just last Tuesday. Our dear companion and best friend Teddy had to be euthanised because of the inability of his legs to hold him up at certain times. He had Hip Displaisia as well as Arthritis. We had to make that Gut-Wrenching decision to take him to the Vet and put him to sleep. I was with him as he was Euthanised and mine was the last face that he saw. I believe that I was somewhat traumatized by it all but everyone concerned said that we did the right thing as he was thirteen plus years old and was on various medicines to keep him going. He had been falling from time to time.

That night when I came home from work and found him on the floor unable to get up, the look on his face told me that he was tired and hurt.Now, I wonder if I acted too hastily. Am I the only one to think that? We miss our boy terribly.

Of course Margo and I are still devastated and our hearts are broken as Teddy was our only child and had been there for us through everything. All he ever gave us was love, happiness and loyalty. We had him privately cremated and his remains are in an urn on our Fireplace Mantle. The house feels so empty and so do we. Margo and I still have each other and our family but Teddy was a very important part of it. We will always hold our Companion in our hearts forever.

I wonder when the crying will stop? Teddy came to us during The Pendleton(Ore.)Roundup in September of 1992. He was a cute but gangly puppy with huge feet and ears. From the begining he was playful and affectionate. He would love to play in the snow and go for walks. Every Christmas he would open a special present that Margo and I had wrapped for him. He would actually open it using his paws. He would then grab his new Rawhide Chewbone and run over to a place where he could be alone and enjoy his Christmas present.

There were times like when I had shoulder surgery or when Margo had her two surgeries that Teddy would stay with us and lay next to us while we recovered as we always both worked. Teddy would be there as a friend and companion. We moved over to Salem, Oregon in July of 1996. Margo had to stay behind in Pendleton to sell the house. It took quite a while to sell our house but Teddy was the man of the house and he supplied Margo with all of the companionship
and love to keep things happy.

We now live about one hundred yards from a park and Teddy would like to go there frequently on walks. Neither of us have been near the park since Teddy passed away last Tuesday. It will probably be a while before we can go back there. Teddy was our child as we do not have any human kids. Our Home now feels so empty as does our hearts. Our Hearts are broken. We cry at the slightest of memories. Teddy can never be replaced, only succeeded. He was our boy. He was our Companion. He was our light. He was our Teddy. Teddy….We will always love you.
Mom and Dad.


He was our boy.
He was our Companion. He was our light.
He was our Teddy. Teddy....
we wi
Teddy {Teddy Bear}
Rick and Margarita Perry