Tee Kay Kincaid


I’m sitting in a dark world. I can hear sounds all around me. I look but I can’t see. I still very still cause there’s nothing to move for. I’ve spent months sitting in this corner seeing nothing but darkness.

The far away I see this tiny little light glowing. The light moves toward me. I’m so happy to see a little glow in my dark world. I hold and treasure this little light. It gives me hope. I sit the light beside me and wave it around in the darkness so the world around me will have a little glow. I’m so very thankful for this little light. Once again I smile.

My little light begins to flicker. I still have it but it’s like the wind is trying to blow it out. There is no wind! How can my light become a twinkle? I pray and pray that this little light doesn’t leave me. I cradle it. I hold it and give it all the love I have. But my little light slowly fades away. I have the candle that it was in. I hold it my tears fall my heart is breaking. I need this little light!!!

Once again I am left
in a world filled with darkness.
It seems harder now than before
because I know why it’s
like to have a glimmer of hope.

Once again I sit in the darkness
hearing the sounds around me and
feeling the tears stream
down my face.



Tee Kay Kincaid
21, Jan 2002