Tequila by Unknown / Your second mommy

My little Tequila,

I am so sorry for not being able to protect you.
You protected me from everything else, even Biscuit.
Such a short time we had you, what a joy you were.
Loved any kind of food no matter what.
As soon as you see me, you say hi but in a hurry to look for the wobbly nobbly ball so we can play.
You loved that ball so much that you would sleep with it in your mouth.
I called you an ADD dog because of your impatience, jumping up and down just
to get some kind of attention.
You were the biggest kisser I ever known, always licking my face which I will miss dearly.
My sweet little Tequila, rest in peace baby. Rest in peace!!!!


Love you with all my heart,
12, Nov 2008