Terrib by Shane and Gretchen Alario / Momma Gretchen and Daddy Shane

On a beautiful day in March 2000, Shane and I were in Baton Rouge, LA spending time with friends. One of our friends found a ferret roaming around the apartment complex left to fend for himself. We ended up finding someone that lived with the owner and as cruel as it may seem, they claimed that they did not want it anymore. Shane and I both agreed that we could not leave the ferret to die. Our intentions were to bring him home to Lockport, LA and find a suitable home for it. We could not find anyone that wanted a ferret and as time went by we got so attached. We soon began to worry if we would find someone to keep the ferret that they would not take care of him like we did. We finally decided we would keep him and named him Terrib. Terrib was such a loving ferret. We never had a dull moment with him. He loved to jump, flip around on the sofa, and run after our feet. He definitely loved my white sox.

On the morning of February 27, 2006, we took Terrib out to play. He had been out for an hour but he wasn’t as active as he normally was. When I went to put him back in his cage, I noticed that he was not able to balance himself. He had no control of his neck. Shane quickly called the vet. When my mother-in-law and I got to the vet, Terrib appeared to be weaker than ever. He was just lying on my mother-in-law’s chest and that is not like Terrib. The vet took him in the back. He finally called me in the exam room and explained to me that 6-7 years is very old for a ferret and most ferrets have a tendency of developing cancer. He ran some test and took some x-rays. Terrib’s spleen was enlarged and it was probably because of cancer. We decided that the best thing for Terrib was to put him to sleep because we did not want to see him suffer. We were in shock because it came so fast. We had no warning.

In light of this heartache, we will always remember the good times we had with Terrib. Terrib will be forever missed.


Love you Terrib (Buddy),
Shane and Gretchen Alario