Thomas O’Malley by Angie / LOVE,

Angie your loving owner

Thomas O’Malley was the nicest, most lovable, cutest cat ever! It was the hardest thing to deal with EVER!!! He wasn’t even one year old! Finding his dead body under my bed made me want to die myself. To look to the better side he is in a better place now. Tommy was very sick so sick I had to force feed him, but that doesn’t take the pain away! Five days before he died he became a father and there will be
a Thomas O’Malley Jr..
That also does not take the pain away!

I devoted every moment I had to him and the kittens I’m only 13 there is only so much I can do! I miss him SO bad its harder and harder to smile every time I think of him, as much as i try not to every thing I think about just leads back to him. There just isn’t enough memories yet. Tommy I don’t know if I can go on much longer

I need you with me.
Out of all the animals
in the world
why did God take you away from me!


You are in my heart now and
forever Thomas O'Malley!
Thomas O'Malley