Thor by Jayne M / Masters Jason & Jayne

In Memory of Thor (5/27/1994 – 12/29/2002)

We wanted a puppy shortly after marriage,
Thor came to us with floppy ears, hugs, and kisses.

We embraced him, gave him a bath, a walk,
He was proud, but kept tripping over his leash.

It was embarrasing,
Mom had to carry him home.

He was full of energy, curiosity, child-like trust,
His masters fed him doggie food and pizza crust.

He ate and played happily,
Only came home reluctantly.

Thor was brave and protective,
He would not let us near squirrels or strangers.

His coat kept getting lighter in color,
He learned new tricks like no other.

He was strong, loyal, with a gorgeous coat,
With a bark loud enough to rock a boat.

Thor would wait patiently each day,
For his masters to come home from work and play.

His precious look and happy face,
All of our worries were erased.

He was a good boy,
Appreciated everything we gave.

Life goes by in a blink,
Leaving his masters with only memories.

It was not his time to go,
But he was very brave.

He shed tears of pain,
But never complained.

He waits for us at Rainbow Bridge,
Patiently day by day.

Until then, life will simply go on.
For now, he lives in our memory.

We will miss you very dearly,
Because you were our first baby.


See you later Alligator,
29, Dec 2002
Jayne M