Thumper Michaud by Kelleigh Michaud / Mommy

In loving memory of Thumper who hardly had a chance at life. You are always in my heart. This poem was read at your funeral service, but I’m sure you already knew that because you are watching from heaven up above.

by Kelleigh A. Michaud

Today I went to heaven,
I did not pass away;
It may feel like I’ve left you,
But please heed these words I say.

God calls upon each one of us,
When it’s our time to go;
Today I’m watching over you,
And I want you to know.

I recall moments we have shared,
While resting on my cloud;
I hear you when you talk to me,
In silence and aloud.

And if you listen close enough,
It’s my “voice” you will hear;
And if you look into your heart,
You’ll find that I am near.

Today I want to comfort you,
I know you feel alone;
But we will reunite again,
The day God calls you home.


With Love Always,
Thumper Michaud
14, May 2004
Kelleigh Michaud