Thunder by Sharon



December 1990 ----- December 5 1999

German Shepherd


My Tribute to Thunder

He was my beautiful 127lb German Shepherd

I will always love him forever!



I lost my dog Thunder one week ago

And my heart breaks everyday,

There is no comfort for his loss

I take it day by day.


He was my friend my confidant

Through good times and through bad,

My life will never be the same

My soul always will be sad.


I miss him and his loving eyes

I miss his hugs and kisses too,

I will always wonder what went wrong

Our years together they were too few.


Though his loss has been a tragedy

I'll never forget his face,

One day I am sure I will see him again

No other dog can take his place.


Thunder I know you can hear me

And up in Heaven you will wait,

I will love you until the end of time

And when it is right

I will meet you at the Gates!