Tiffany by Ward and Dolores Lawson / Mom, Dad and Sabrina

Her name is Tiffany Lindsey Pretty Girl born in Newport, Kentucky on September 30, 1990 and we purchased her from a breeder on November 29, 1990. She was so tiny I named her Tiffany after the big jewelry store in New York because she was my jewel.

She bought love and affection into our lives. She had the greatest disposition. Loving and kind never barking at people only animals. Whenever people were around they were there to see her.

She enjoyed walking and being with us at all times and loved to go for rides in the car. She did not like her feet getting wet in the snow. She enjoyed it when we moved to Ocala, Florida in April 1996. She met her many doggie friends. She was loved by most of the people
in our retirement part.

We enjoyed her for 15 1/2 years. She went deaf then had cataracts. She was diagnosed with kidney disease and had to eat certain dog food. She got stressed out missing her father while he was in the hospital and fighting to get out of her cage and had a stroke.

One night coming home late after visiting the hospital I went to let her out of the cage and she did not jump out like she usually does so I picked her up and put her out and she was walking into walls and falling down and couldn’t get up. She had white stuff coming from her eyes. She yelped throughout the night.

I had to make a decision that was very difficult and hard for me and on my own since my husband was in the hospital. I took her to the vet on Saturday, June 10 and asked her to be put to sleep. The vet checked her out and said she had a stroke. She would go peacefully. I watched as they put her to sleep petting her since she could not hear or see me. I had an hour alone with her before the vet got there and cried and cried.

Our heart aches so very much, she was our love and is missed so very much. She will always be in our hearts.


With all our Love,
Ward and Dolores Lawson