Tiger by Julia Adams and Patrick Monaghan / Julia

I miss my boy, Tiger. Also know as Silly Man, Bobo, Bobolito, Knucklehead. He was my best friend. And I was his. He would greet each day with a wag of his tail and a wiggle of his butt. Every morning we would go for a walk in the park. When the weather was warm he would roll in the grass. When the weather was cold he would walk briskly with his eyes sparkling. I miss my boy.
When I came home, even from a 10 minute errand, he would greet me with a toy in his mouth and a run around the house.

He was ALWAYS happy to see me. He was always there for me. I was never alone. He watched over me, just as I watched over him. I have never loved a pet like I loved him.
I miss my boy.


27, Jan 2006
Julia Adams and Patrick Monaghan