Tiger by Rosemary Webster / Mom

My story of bringing home Tiger started on June 3rd, 2001. I always wanted a cat, and Tiger was hanging around my parents home for a few weeks, and I like his personality. He was young, a year old, and looked malnourished from being on his own. My mom would feed him, and I decided to take him home with me. I’m glad I did, as we were best friends for 15 years. We had our ups and downs, but worked through it. Tiger was a joy, and my pet companion. He taught me to have patience, love, and understanding, and most of all to have respect for animals.

I miss him dearly. I know he is with my mom and dad; both passed away in 2014; and is not suffering. I had to put him to sleep on 6/4/2016 as he was diagnosed with a mass on his liver; it was cancerous, and the vet only gave him a 20% chance of survival. It was a tough decision to make. I cried and cried, and finally decided the next day to end his suffering.

Tiger was 16 years old. I never thought the day would come that he was going to leave me. It was a shock. I love him dearly and always will. I miss our wonderful times together, and I pray to God that he is doing fine, and is enjoying himself in Heaven. I know I will see him one day soon, and we will be together again.

It is a wonderful feeling though to care for an animal for so many years. I took him to the vet several times a year as he had allergies which had to be controlled. The vets knew him, and also were saddened of Tiger’s passing. He was so patient at the vets. What memories we have had together and I will cherish them. I know Tiger is thinking of me as well. He knew I took care of him, and he took care of me. He is a special sweet boy. Rest in peace my sweet boy, Tiger. I love you.


With love Always,
Rosemary Webster