Sept. 1 1993 —- Aug. 31 2001


He was so small when I got him from my friend,

Tiny little kitten.

He was crying and I spent all night holding him in my lap sitting in the kitchen.

He became a member of our family.

Me my mom and my granny we all loved him so much.

When he was 2 years old he fell from balcony.

We spend all time beside him helped him and he became alive.

Tisha never walked outside. He was afraid of street.

He preferred to sit home in the window.

Tishka loved everybody even birds.

He never hurt anyone.

Though we fought sometimes but we just played.

He loved me. He loved us.

It was the last summer day 31th of August.

Tomorrow would be his birthday.

Me and mom were sitting in the kitchen eating

when Tihon suddenly jumped like something bite him.

He felt on the floor sighed and never woke up :((( It was a heart attack…

We’re crying so much and I’m crying now when I`m writing this.

He was my closest friend my little brother. We all miss him so much.

Our house became so silent and cold without you.

It will never be the same.

Your sweet little face is in my mind and I see you all the time.

:((( Tisha please come back


Tisha you’ll allways will be be alive in our hearts.

We will never forget you.