Tiki by Ginny



June 26 1983 ----- July 24 1998



You were my life

and now that you are gone

I sometimes find it difficult

to go on.


We laughed and we played

I really wish you could have stayed

You knew every day

that is was going to be time to play.


You stood by the door

at a quarter to four

your tail would be wagging

you just couldn't wait

and somehow we got separated

it was just our fate.


I miss you so much

that cute little face

I stare at your picture

wishing it was you I could embrace

but I know one day

you and I will again play.


Be patient my little girl

your mommy will be with you

I will come join you

and your brother too.


I see your star shining bright

I find comfort when i see that light

just know that I will always love you

and mommy will come to you.


until then....keep healthy and safe

cause mommy can't wait

to see your happy face.


I love you Tiki....

you may be gone....

but know that you are never forgotten!!!