" Tillie "

2 / 14 / 85 --------- 1 / 24 / 98

Tibetian Terrier/Cocker Spaniel


In Memory Of

My Precious Tillie


Your little body fit so perfectly against my side.

My lips kissed that soft smooth place between your eyes and the tip of

your sweet nose.

To find you sitting in front of me in my sadness.........

To find your fur soft against my face where my tears have drenched.

Never any words of judgment never any desperate searching for comfort;

Just your steady breath the rise of your stomach where my head

rested many times..........

I held you when that chest rose and fell for the last time.......

Did I hold you enough? Did I give you every happiness you gave me did I

keep your stomach full?

Every place I look down is where your paws have padded softly coming to

find me to rest against my leg.

Everything I touch feels like I am touching for the first time in a new

life a life without your presence.

I search for small traces of you to cling to to breathe in and put inside

my heart forever.

What should I hold in my arms now?

You are no longer held back by the confines of this house this yard

this universe is yours to run free....and now that I have let you go...

return to my soul every once in awhile visit my dreams and perhaps

give me that solace once again.

When this life is through I will run with you again gather you

up in my arms and cover your small face with kisses.

You were my childhood companion always a give and

take always an I love you.

You were my teenage confidant you saw me change you heard my

whispered hopes muffled laughter.

And now that I have just become an adult my gift from Heaven must

go back to whence she came a little girl somewhere is waiting

for part of your soul to enter into her "Little Precious".

One of these days I will feel again that innocent love.....

and in my mind you still lie on the tops of couches,

you still run through blankets of snow to me with your tail wagging,

you still lie on my feet in the middle of the night.

You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy

when skies are gray you'll never know dear how much I love you................

Please don't take my sunshine away.


January 24 1998 9:39 a.m.

Forever with me

I will always love you.