Sept. 1987 —- Dec. 15 1999

German Shepherd

Our Timber came to us in a time of need.

Both for him and for my husband and I.

For you see Timber had lost his loving family and we

had lost our precious Shepherd.

Friends knew how sad and lost we were and for months

had tried to ease our pain by trying to give us another Shepherd.

One day we were on our way to San Diego and one of our friends

told us of this German Shepherd who had lost his family and was

rescued from the humane society.

She pleaded with us to come over and see this beautiful German

Shepherd and promised us that if we just gave him a chance

we would never regret it.

God only knew the joy and comfort we would receive from this

loving and majestic animal sent from heaven.

When we drove up to her front door he came running

out to meet us and as if the natural thing to do we got out and

opened the back door so he could hop in and join us.

He never left our side.

He was beautiful,gracious,and devoted.

Protected the children from harm the gentleness of a mother.

When he walked into a room people would be in

awe of his mannerism and graceful stride.

He received respect from all and and we who were close to him

received his unconditional love.

Timber had to have back surgery and eventually would not be able

to walk. With love and pride my husband carried Timber everywhere.

We could not let this beautiful soul lose one ounce of dignity.

We could not do enough to repay Timber for the wonderful

companionship love and comfort that he had given us.

He will remain in our hearts forever.

Never will he be forgotten by those who love him and

whose lives he touched.

Link and Linda