Tina by Sherry Mitchell / Mamma


I can’t believe that you‘re not here
my precious little one.
I thought that you’d grow old with me.
How quickly you were gone.

My eyes have shed an ocean
and see you on the shore,
romping through the waves with smiling eyes
that I adore.

When the darkness of my heartbreak settles
‘round my aching soul
your memory comes to comfort me
as you always did before.

God’s timing is impeccable.
He knows us from within.
He smiled on me and made your love
the perfect gift from Him.

And though I’d never be prepared
for you and I to part,
His wisdom took you from my arms
but never from my heart.

So now it’s time to say goodbye
and set your spirit free.
It’s hard to let you go cause you still
mean so much to me.

My heart needs mending, life goes on,
So God, in all His grace…
has richly blessed my life again
with someone in your place.

All mischief, lots of puppy love,
and tons & tons of fur……
she gives me pleasure cause your spirits
still with me through her.

I’ll always hold you close to me
forever in my dreams.
But now it’s Sadie’s time and I will give her
all she needs.

Be a good girl, wait for me
until this journeys end.
And rest in peace, my precious one,
until we meet again.


Thank you angel, for all your sweet life gave to me.
I will love you til the day I die.
19, Oct 2003
Sherry Mitchell