Tinkerbell by Caitlin

Ever since I can remember I wanted a cat. I already had a sweet Shetland Sheep dog named Scandel. I wanted a cat of my own. One day in early fall one of my friends let me keep a fat 4 year old cat named Tinkerbell. She said that Tinkerbell liked a bit of milk every morning at breakfast. I loved her very much.I didn’t even mind cleaning har litter box.

But a year later she got sick. We thought it was just a little bug so we didn’t bother to bring her to the vet. A week later around April we found her under the chair meowing in pain. My mommy had to lift up the chair and called my dad at work.

I couldn’t even go to the vet with my dad. When dad came home he didn’t have Tinky with him. I dared to ask, why? He said she had Liver damage and had to be put to sleep as he handed me her collar. I was 9 years old and I cried harder then I ever did.

I’m sorry!