Tippy Cooper by Patty Cooper / Tip’s Friend

In Memory of Tippy Cooper Sadly Missed, Greatly Loved.

Tippy Cooper spent his life as a service dog. He enjoyed pulling my wheelchair in Montpelier and Waitsfield, Vermont.

Tippy was a hero. He saved my life when my truck broke down one winter night on a lonely road. He woke me up when I fell asleep in the truck. It was very cold, I would have died from the cold.

Tippy will be sadly missed and was my best friend for over 10 years. Tippy helped me cope with my disabilities and mobility problems. Tippy loved camping in the Green Mountain National Forest. He was an avid lets go for a ride type of dog too, and enjoyed “his” Subaru.
Tippy passed away peacefully on July 12, 2007.


Thank you my brave little dog, for being my best friend.
Tippy Cooper
Patty Cooper