Tipse by us / The kids

We got Tipse when my dad went to the pound one day for a surprise. He said that he was about to leave and he heard a meow and looked up and saw Tipse sitting in the top cage. He brought him home and Tipse settled into the home nicely. Then we moved and he got along fine in the new house. We were on our way back from our vacation to Florida when my mom told us that Tipse had died we all cried though we tried not to show it. When we got home our house sitter said she couldn`t find his body so we searched all over we found him in the basement but he was still alive. The next day we woke up to find him wih his back legs paralyzed. So we took him outside in the sun for the last time. I will never forget when we took him to the vet and he never stopped purring. We all miss him dearly and will remember him forever and always.


We`ll see you later tipse love,