To All Pets by Elicia

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Working at an animal shelter is a very hard job. This site is dedicated to ALL that have been sent down to us from above. Everyone and everything has a reason.

When somebody dies a cloud turns into
an angel and flies up to tell God
to put another flower on a pillow.
A bird gives the message back to
the world and sings a silent prayer
that makes the rain cry. People dis-
appear but they never really go away.
The spirits up there put the sun to
bed wake up grass and spin the
earth in dizzy circles. Sometimes you
can see them dancing in a cloud during
the day-time when they’re supposed
to be sleeping. They paint the rain-
bows and also the sunsets and make
waves splash and tug at the tide.
They toss shooting stars and listen to
wishes. And when they sing wind-
songs they whisper to us don’t
miss me too much. The view is nice
and I’m doing just fine.

– Ashley

Elicia Leighton (mother of Jacob Ryan)


To All Pets