Toby by Sarena / Sarena And Family

Toby Was a loyal dog and really smart too.
He was a police dog and we took him in from the pound,we didin’t know why he was not that wise though, he would just lick anything he found or sniffed. He was a very happy dog cuz he had a girl friend and 4 puppies under our porch.
We new that he loved her but we needed to give the puppies and the mom back to the original owner.

We had some good times the family,Toby and I.
But one day my mom found him dead on the floor.
He died in his sleep, we took him to the vets and they said he died by old age,he was 10 when he died. I was very devastaited for him to be gone but one day will meet each other beyond Lifes Gateway and we can rome free and run together for ever and ever.


With Lots Of Love,you are never forgotton toby we will never leave you and you will always be in ou
10, May 1997