Toshua Marie by Matt & Debbie

Toshua Marie Pruett We miss you so very much baby girl!!! We are so sorry that you got sick; we really did all we could. You were the light of our lives!!! You were always there for us no matter what. You were more to us then just a dog you were our baby girl!! I don’t know what we are gonna do without you BooBoo’s.
We will never forget you!!!!!!!! No other pet can take your place. If tears could have brought you back you would be here tonight with us. BooBoo’s we are having such a hard time with your death. Please give us a sign that you are ok. Ciss its so lonely here without you but we understand why you had to go. We hope you are having fun in heaven with all the other little animals. Your little bro Buddy misses you too. He doesn’t want to eat and he just paces the house looking for you. Look over all of us if you will. BooBoo’s someday we’ll see you again until then baby be good!! Love and miss you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt & Debbie


Toshua Marie
18, June 2000
Matt & Debbie